The Mazookas – Sonntags-Picknick

Our Mazookas Vinyl LP just came out: Sonntags-Picknick, illustrated German Bluegrass from eastern Europe to West America, fast, loud, reckless and shrill

Henning Wagenbreth illust_ratio 7

Ausstellung im Stadt- und Industriemuseum Rüsselsheim, 7. 10. bis 11. 11. 2018, Vernissage Sa, 6. 10. 2018, 19 Uhr, es spielen die Mini-Mazookas

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Dancing hi hat doll at the Mazookas concert.

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Bicyclists have nothing to lose but their chains!

Silkscreen Reprint of the Poster originally designed 1n 1990.
80 Euros, auch auf Deutsch verfügbar